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Managing Remote Users

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* Update 7/4/2003 --
I hope you find this presentation useful. Unfortunately, I will not be delivering it this year for The View. The folks at the View are working hard to produce an ever more valuable conference, and I'm sure it will be great. Their requirements for speakers this year are just higher than I can commit to in terms of preperation time. To meet their plans, I'd have to spend something close to 15 days in preparation and essentially be non-billing during that time. I just can't do that. I'm sure that they'll have a great show though, so don't take this as a suggestion not to attend. They're really working hard to add even more value.

Overcome the Challenges of Managing Remote Users
The View: Admin 2003, May 1-3, Las Vegas

Andrew Pollack, Northern Collaborative Technologies
Drill down into the challenges traveling users present and get techniques
to provide stable, fast remote access to mail and databases via replication
and the Web. Learn to deal with workstation synchronization issues
including best practices to manage personal settings and address books
across multiple workstations. Get your arms around unread marks with tips
to properly maintain them and troubleshoot problems. Plus, find out how to
reduce access and connection headaches, tackle replication challenges, and
ensure connection documents work properly when a workstation is moved.

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