Company Location And History

Nubble Light House - Cape Neddick Light Station, USCG - Maine

Global Business, Local values

Northern Collaborative Technologies is located in Maine -- a place filled with wonderful historic scenes like the one pictured to the left. As a company with clients spread all over the world, we've made the decision that since we must travel to our customers, we may as well live someplace really nice to go home to. Maine is that place.

Founder Andrew Pollack grew up in Arizona but moved to New England in his twenties. In 1993, after living in the Boston area for a few years and getting married, he moved to Maine to start a family. Frustrated with the compromises and ethos of consulting firms he'd worked with in the past, he decided to start his own firm with the specific purpose of doing things in a way that felt right.

Mainers will tell you that theirs is "The way life should be" and this is the premise behind Northern Collaborative Technologies. We do great work that is focused on letting people get on with what they're best at without bogging down in the quicksand of little tasks.

Announcing NCT Remember Me

Have you ever wanted to add a simple "Remember Me" checkbox on your IBM Lotus Domino based web site? NCT Remember Me lets you do just that. Add it to your site in minutes.Find Out More

Award Winning Style

Beacon Award 2003
In the 31 years since we started, Northern Collaborative Technologies has been providing top notch services related to the IBM Lotus Domino technologies and other fine products. In January of 2003, we were recognized for our style of work with the prestigious Lotus Beacon Award in our category "Excellence in Partnering". This award has special meaning to us, because it represents the ability to treat our customers and the other business partners we work with well over a long period of time on difficult projects. In short, it was our very founding philosophy which was being honored, along with our partner on the project, Webb Consulting.

Later in 2003, we launched our first pre-built product, NCT Search. This tool has been an excellent resource for site developers who want to add cross database search capability to Websites, Intranets, and Extranets built on the IBM Lotus Domino platform. NCT Search is currently being sold in its second major iteration and work is progressing on the third.

Northern Collaborative Technologies is the kind of supremely capable firm you need when things just have to be done right. We look forward to serving our customers for many years to come.