Announcing NCT Remember Me!

NCT Remember Me!
Not Just Cookies & Javascript --
This is True Session Authentication

Automatically log-in returning Domino users

Users have been requesting this feature on your intranet, your partner channel web site, and your workflow tools for years. Now you can add it to those sites in just a few minutes with NCT Remember Me.

  • True Lotus Domino Credentials
  • Installs in Minutes to existing or new web pages
  • Does not require a DSAPI filter
  • Fully Supports ACLs, Reader Names, Groups, etc.
  • Fully Supports Multi-Server Session Based Authentication

How does it work?

A single Javascript reference handles the work on the fly. If the user is already logged in, the script file will contain the simple command to update an encrypted cookie on the user's machine with their username. If not, the script will check to see if they have that encrypted cookie. If it exists, NCT Remember Me will get a new session token from Domino, assign it to the user, the re-load the page. The result is nearly transparent, and the user is logged back in with a fresh Domino session.

Can you get more fancy with it? Sure, just like our other well known products, NCT Remember Me can be adapted for use in many other ways.

What Does it Cost?

NCT Remember Me is available for $2500 per server, or $10,000 for an enterprise license. There are no yearly maintenance fees.

Can I try it first?

Yes, we'll have a trial version for download shortly. In the meantime, Contact Us for a trial.

picture showing easy 3 step setup