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XPages in Domino Designer

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Since posting my note, I've had an amazing response. The time isn't all booked up yet, but I wanted to say thank you as I'm sure some of the many responses will solidfy.

For now, while not as worried, I'm still pretty available if you need something weird built, something that's crashing to be made stable, something to work faster, or your stuff reviewed for security.

It's still a great time to ask.

This article was originally prepared by working with the IBM Lotus team over the course of Q4 2007. It was to be published prior to Lotusphere in January of 2008 to build buzz and help set the ground work for the formal announcement of XPages at the show.

At the last minute, the article was not published by Lotus for fear it would steal thunder from the Opening General Session, but at least Lotus has now given me permission to self publish the article, so here for your enjoyment is a detailed explanation of why XPages are important to you.

Once you've read this, I'd appreciate any feedback you have.

Domino Designer's New XPages
The Most Important New Feature You Never Knew You Needed