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Northern Collaborative Technologies provides products and services designed to give people the direct control they need over technology to produce powerful applications. Our focus is on how technology is used, not just on the technology itself.

Announcing NCT Remember Me

Have you ever wanted to add a simple "Remember Me" checkbox on your IBM Lotus Domino based web site? NCT Remember Me lets you do just that. Add it to your site in minutes.
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Award Winning Services

If you have something you want done with technology, we can research it, design, plan it, build it, and support it. We can do all of those things for you, or just one part in a larger puzzle. Either way, our focus is making you look good.

Take advantage of our industry leading expertise in IBM Lotus Notes & Domino. Our services include Architectural Review, Infastructure Planning, Application Development, Security Review, and Penetration Testing.

World Class Product & Solutions

Second Signal

Second Signal has been named as a Finalist for "Best Industry Solution" in the 2008 Beacon Awards! We're helping save lives and property by improving response to emergencies by fire departments. Find Out More

NCT Remember Me

Have you ever wanted to add a simple "Remember Me" checkbox on your IBM Lotus Domino based web site? NCT Remember Me lets you do just that, and our solution is so easy that you can have it working in just a few minutes. Designed to "drop in" to nearly any web page, NCT Remember Me will keep track of a user's credentials and automatically log them back in to Domino when they come back. Find Out More

NCT Search

Don't just find things, find the right things. NCT Search lets you search multiple Lotus Notes databases from the web or from the Lotus Notes Client. Designed for intranets and partner web sites where the way the results look critical. NCT Search gives you complete control over the look, feel, and content of the results. You can even automatically exclude keyword and configuration documents. Find Out More

NCT Compliance Search

Sometimes you need ALL the results. Most search tools are designed to filter out a small subset of the 'best' results. NCT Compliance Search is designed to scour massive amounts of data contained in hundreds or even thousands of databases and produce a result set you can include in your documentation for legal matters and compliance. Find Out More

NCT Simple Sign-on

Single Sign-on solutions only work if you control all the systems. NCT Simple Sign-on gives you a complete solution for creating single sign-on and credential passing between disparate systems. NCT Simple Sign-on is designed to use standards based encryption tools to integrate with nearly any other authenticated system. We even include a complete schema for integration, and documentation that's ready to hand to non-Domino administrators to help them integrate with you quickly. Find Out More