Add multi-database search to your Notes client or Domino web application in minutes!

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Customized NCT Search

Portion of the College Bowl site using NCT Search
Domino Developer Net using NCT Search
Open NTF using NCT Search
U.S. Dept. of Commerce using NCT Search
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NCT Search is an easy to use tool that adds muti-database search to your Domino based applications on the web, or in the Notes client.

Search different databases each time

NCT Search doesn't create its own index. Our real-time integration of search results allows you to selectively search one, several, or all of the databases on your server whenever you like.

Keep keyword and Configuration documents out of the search results

The trouble with search tools is that they find things! NCT Search has a built in "Do Not Display" function for each database you enable for searches. A simple Notes formula language entry allows you to eliminate documents from the search so users never see them.

Use it on the Web, or in the Notes Client

NCT Search is built to be used on the web, in the Notes client, or both at the same time. We even provide a pre-built implementation for both platforms that you can use right out of the box, or copy into your own applications. Best of all, the source code for the implementation is visible and well documented.

Control the content, look, and feel of results

If you're putting a search feature on your site, you want to control exactly what users see in the result list. With NCT Search you can use Lotus Formula language to control exactly what is displayed for results from each database separately.

Give priority to results from one database over another

Suppose your site has a "Technotes" database and a "Discussion". You want users to be able to search for help from both, but if there is content in each that matches you'd rather show them the information in the "Technotes" database because that's gone through your QA process. NCT Search allows you to add "Weight" on a per database basis to the results before they are sorted and shown to the users.

Ready to use in minutes

Using our "Quick Start Guide" you can install use NCT Search without writing a single line of code. If your site uses standardized HTML templates for look and feel, you can even paste them into the configuration and instantly make NCT Search look and feel just like the rest of your site.

No API or LSX to Install

No API's, DLL's, LSX's, or EXE's. NCT Search does not rely on server specific operating system or API calls. It uses the built in capability of IBM Lotus Domino to find and integrate results in real time.

Use our sample, or write your own with our fully documented object model!

We've included a fully documented object model so you can design your own NCT Search powered site search tools.