A word about Andrew's Weblog

Caution Sign

Dear friends, readers, and possible clients;

Its become fairly common in our industry for people to express opinions and provide less formal information in the form of a "weblog". Unlike some of my contemporaries, I've chosen to keep my 'blog distinct from the company site. I believe a weblog should remain informal and open. As a result, you'll find my writings there to be very much 'spur of the moment' and unfiltered. While some of the information I post there may be helpful to some people, some of the opinions expressed or stories told may not be suitable in a general business setting.

I've decided to link to the weblog from here, but only through this warning page. If you click this link you're moving from the office setting to one better described as a living room gathering of friends who may have had a few drinks already. Please view any content in that context, and be welcome.

That said, here's a link to the blog.

Thank you!

Andrew Pollack
Principal, NCT