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Post Advisor Conference Road Trip (with pictures) with Rocky, Gab, Tim, and some children

By Andrew Pollack on 07/24/2005 at 02:04 PM PDT

Sorry for being so quiet this last week -- I've been speaking at Advisor then running off on a road trip. Here are pictures from the trip. Rocky brought two of his kids, and I brought one of mine. Gab and Tim were along as well, but no pictures here of Gab as is her preference.

We left Vegas at 13:30 on Wednesday, and headed to the Hoover Dam. We did that tour, then crossed what I call "The Nothing" into Arizona and over to Flagstaff. "The Nothing" is the space from the Hoover Dam to Kingman, Arizona. We stopped for dinner on the way at the Route 66 "Roadkill Cafe" (You kill it, we grill it) then on to Flagstaff by around 22:00. After dropping Gab, Tim and Rocky and his girls at the hotel, Coryn and I went back up I-40 about 20 minutes to Parks where we stayed with my father.

Thursday morning, after cleaning out the van and reloading with Coke, Ice, and Fuel -- and taking pictures of Coryn on my stepmother's horse -- we picked up Rocky and Gab and all and headed for the Grand Canyon. We went up by way of I-40 and Williams then due North to the Canyon, then drove East along the rim and into the Lower Colorado River valley and the beginning of the "Painted Desert". Another hour or so south back into Flagstaff on AZ-89 for a late lunch, then down 89-A into Oak Creek Canyon where the girls swam and jumped off the cliffs into "Slide Rock". We stayed in Sedona that night.

Friday morning we got up and drove up 89-A into the old mine town of Jerome (now an artist community) and finally over Mingus Mountain into Prescott, Arizona for a farewell lunch at the historic "Palace" bar on whiskey row.

From there we parted ways, with each family going their own way (Rocky picked up a Rental car at the busy airport in Prescott).

We all had a great time!

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so what was on the menu at the roadkill cafe?By Alan Bell on 07/25/2005 at 05:35 AM EDT
I don't think I have ever hit anything I would contemplate eating, a friend of
mine had an augument with a deer once, the deer lost but it was nearly a score
Here's a list that is very similar -- if not exactBy Andrew Pollack on 07/25/2005 at 09:32 AM EDT
Roadkill Café
You Kill It...We Grill It!
Eating is more fun when you know it was hit on the run!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~
Center Line Bovine
"Tastes real good, straight from the hood" 4.95
The Chicken
"That didn't cross the road" 3.95
Flat Cat
"Served as a shingle...or in a stack 2.95
Our daily take-out lunch special!
~ Anything bread ~
Still in the hide
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~
Chunk of Skunk 1.95
Smidgen of Pidgeon 1.95
Road Toad Ala Mode 1.65
Shake 'N Bake Snake 2.25
Swirl of Squirrel 1.55
Narrow Sparrow .55
Whippoorwill on a Grill 3.30
Rigor Mortis Tortoise 6.75
"You'll eat like a hog...
when you taste our dog!"
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~
Slab of Lab 2.95
Pit Bull Pot Pie 1.95
Cocker Cutlets 3.95
Shar-Pei Filet 5.95
Poodles N Noodles 5.95
Snippet of Whippet 4.50
Collie Hit by a Trolley 3.95
German Shepherd Pie 3.95
Round of Hound 4.25
A Daily Special Treat
If you can guess what it is...You eat it for free!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~
Rack of Racoon 3.95
Smear of Deer 4.95
Awesome Possum 1.95
Cheap Sheep .43

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