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Cowards, Alarmists, Manipulative Power Seekers, and Terrorists -- the whole lot of them on both sides can go screw themselves.

By Andrew Pollack on 08/13/2006 at 06:48 PM EDT

As I will be traveling back from London to Boston tomorrow on British Airways and because some cowardly, manipulative, power hungry men (along with some terrorists) have forced an untenable and ultimately futile set of security measures into place I will be entirely and completely out of touch for pretty much the entire day on Monday.

Beginning 4-5 hours before my flight when I check my luggage until the flight actually leaves (probably late, if at all) and through the completion of the flight and my passing through US customs and retrieving my baggage I will have absolutely no access to any of the electronic gadgetry which allows me normally to stay available. All the toys and tools with which I normally occupy myself will be checked through as baggage (though the airlines are not taking responsibility for theft, mind you). I'm told I will be allowed to carry a clear plastic bag with my wallet, travel documents, and enough prescription medicines to last the flight as I pass through security. There is some difference of opinion as to if I will be able to include something so dangerous as a paperback book, or if I will be able to purchase one inside security at the duty free shops -- and if I do, if I'll be able to then bring it on the plane. A bottle of water and a few snickers bars are out of the question.

Between the alarmists, the cowards, and the terrorists, travel has finally become so inconvenient as to make me consider staying home next time. The irony is, even this security is far from perfect. I'm quite sure that if I can think of flaws in the process that so could those who seek to bring havoc. It does increase power and reduce dissent however for those in charge.

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...How about a thought experimentBy Gab Davis on 08/13/2006 at 07:36 PM EDT
Since i'm responsible for dragging you all the way over here - and amongst
other things I have a lovely shiny new asterisk server to show for it - I offer
my public apology.

How about giving yourself a thought experiment as you pass through security -
the right one could keep you occupied for hours.

In the meantime I hope they let you take a book - I have to travel in 2 weeks
time and it's been 30 years since i've gone anywhere without a book in my bag
in case I have time to read.

Hope it goes smoothly.............
I have enjoyed my stay in London a great deal.By Andrew Pollack on 08/13/2006 at 07:42 PM EDT
The trip itself is a pain in the ass, thanks to the cowards, alarmists, and the
terrorists who give them an excuse to exercise power poorly.

The rest of the time has been outstanding. As I've said, good friends, good
work, and new places. What more can you want?

My thought experiments while in line are unfortunately confined to rather
morbid considerations of all the things I can think of that would not be
tracked by the measures in place yet could still wreak havoc on an airplane.
If I can think of these things, I'm sure there are people who actually want to
do so who can also.
ah well there's the problemBy Gab Davis on 08/13/2006 at 07:54 PM EDT
You need to redirect your thinking...

Less about homemade explosives and more about puppies and butterflies ..mmmm
My own thoughts on this are...By Wild Bill on 08/14/2006 at 01:30 AM EDT
I'm quite glad and relieved that my next assignment involves spending time on a
train, and not - for the first time in 11 years - any time on planes..


Me. When I travel to Vegas, I shall be travelling in shorts, T-Shirt and
flip-flops. Nothing else. And if some grotty herbert wants to frisk me, then
they've coming right off.

That'll make them change their minds...

---* Bill
Why not the kilt?By Chris Whisonant on 08/14/2006 at 08:23 AM EDT
Bill, just wear the kilt! Then you have one less article of clothing to remove

As long as I don't have to check my crackberry I should be OK! I have a
conference in Miami Beach next month, so hopefully the domestic travel won't be
as bad!
You jest -- but there have been problems. You see, they're making people check the sporan into baggage.By Andrew Pollack on 08/14/2006 at 09:31 AM EDT
naturalist airlinesBy Ken Yee on 08/18/2006 at 07:23 PM EDT
When the whole nail clipper thing started, I joked about them only allowing us
to get on airplanes naked eventually...looks like another step in that

I'm going to start my own airline: Naturalist Airlines where only the pretty
people can fly :-)

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