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LotusSphere 2005 Registration opens early with a discount for CLPs

By Andrew Pollack on 08/20/2004 at 12:17 AM EDT

This information was mailed to me. I'm happy to share it with you. I'm also glad to be hearing distant rumors of much increased technical depth and renewed focus on existing core technologies to give attendees value they can use immediately.

Bravo to the 2005 team for this -- IBM should recognize that the best way to get a head start on adoption for new technologies is to excite the existing customer base about the current ones.

If it sounds like I'm kissing up a bit here....well, why not. I hope they're kind enough to ask me back to do an updated version of last years well received presentation on the Admin client, and I hope to add another one. If they take the new one I'm submitting this year, it will be a 75 minute full sprint of admin best practices -- bring your running shoes.

We'd like to welcome you back to Lotusphere 2005 by offering you, an IBM Certified Professional, a special discount on registration.

Beginning August 18th, 2004, the Lotusphere 2005 registration site will be open and the fee will be $1395.00 USD per person - - the lowest it will be this year. Think of this as a 'thank you' for your continued support of Lotusphere and Lotus Software.

To take advantage of this discount you'll want to go to the Lotusphere 2005 Discount article on the Lotus Certification private site. Use the link found in this article to access the special certified attendee registration form with special pricing. (Please note that you need to be a Lotus certified professional and be registered for the Lotus Certification private site in order to access this discount article at

While you'll see some other emails floating around about Lotusphere discounts, notice that this special pricing will be available until December 1, 2004 only for the Lotus certified community. Other specials for general attendees will stop on September 16th and the registration fee will go up to $1595.00 USD per person and then on November 1st, it will go up to $1795.00 per person. Get counted into the Lotus certified community attending Lotusphere and use this special registration form for certified attendees. This way we'll know to include you in all of the special activities and services available to Lotus certified professionals on site.

Planned Certification-only activities for Lotusphere 2005 include:
  • Invitation to special certification only reception with special guests from Lotus and IBM.
  • Access to the Lotus Certification Lounge - including giveaways; daily raffles of practice tests, exam vouchers, and logo merchandise. The lounge offers you a place to relax, have a snack, and chat with fellow certified professionals This is in addition to onsite testing and the certification prep lab. At this very early stage you will not find any information on the Lotus web site (not even this registration link); look for all of that beginning September 16th. However, we can share a few details with you now:
  • The conference will take place from January 23 - 27, 2005 at the Walt Disney World Dolphin and Swan and Disney's Yacht and Beach Club Resort and will follow the same format as past years.
  • We're listening! Based on the feedback from Lotusphere 2004, there's a lot to look forward to! We'll be adding more hands-on sessions, we'll ensure that there is more than plenty of core Notes and Domino content, and we'll technically deep-dive in those areas where you've asked for it - in addition to all the other industry-acclaimed content you've come to expect.

The Lotusphere 2005 Housing Bureau, ITS Meetings, will also have their web site open for you to make your hotel reservations. Be sure to look for the link at the end of the conference registration process to make your hotel arrangements.

Register today!

Registration questions can be directed to and hotel questions can be directed to

Please keep in mind that this $1395.00 rate cannot be combined with any further discounts, such as the 'Buy 5 Seats/Get One Free' offer.

Looking forward to seeing you in Orlando in January.

The Lotusphere 2005 Team and the Lotus Certification program

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