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Ok Apple OS-X geeks -- some advice please

By Andrew Pollack on 09/01/2004 at 10:21 AM EDT

I bought this at a garage sale for $20 -- working. After some cleaning (it was covered in stickers and the see through keyboard was literally filled with crumbs and other nasty stuff) its a great shape. I've added some ram (it came with 64 megs, now it has 128 -- and may go to 512). I want to give it to my 9 year old daughter but I want it to basically match (in all but speed) the eMac. That means (for them) it needs to have OS-X so it "works" the same, and Tony Hawk's skater software which came with the eMac and which my 9 and 10 year old girls really like.

So, given that its not going to be running Notes -- just firefox, a low end game, and the little Apple office suite that came with OS-X for their homework, where's the best place to get this package? This doesn't have a dvd player so I haven't tried to use the install disks that came with the eMac though I could try it with the network.

The iMac has a 10gb hard disk with OS 9.something on it now. Its a "slot feed" cdrom, and has the rectangular mouse not the round one. I know that helps identify these beasts. And yes, its Blueberry.

Any help would be appreciated.

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My own thoughts on this are...By Bruce Elgort on 09/01/2004 at 12:19 PM EDT
My OS X package contains CD's and not DVD's. To boot from the CD:

If you want to boot from a CD you don't have to go through the convoluted
process of booting from the hard drive, setting the CD as the boot device from
the Startup Disk control panel and then restarting. Simply drop the CD into the
CD Drive and hold down the C key at startup to boot from a CD (assuming the CD
has a compatible OS on it).


My own thoughts on this are...By Carl on 09/01/2004 at 01:53 PM EDT
What a bargain!!!

I know nothing about Macs expect they look pretty, that deal could be better
than my Tivo for green tea.
Any luck big guy?By Bruce Elgort on 09/02/2004 at 11:34 AM EDT
well, some...By Andrew Pollack on 09/02/2004 at 11:47 AM EDT
Thanks to a link from Volker I've managed to identify this unit right down to
its exact specs and manufacturer (along with some editorial comment from the
page authors).

I know what it can and can't do and the upgrade path for OS-X.

I haven't found a discount method for OS-X though. $129 from apple seems high
and I may need to first update the current operating system to 9.2 for $20. I
don't know yet if its there (have to plug the thing in and check).

I haven't tried accessing the installer across the network yet, though that is
an optional first attempt, along with simply installing a dvd player in place
of the cdrom (long cables will do it temporarily I'm sure).
how about Yellow Dog Linux?By Alan Bell on 09/04/2004 at 03:20 AM EDT
don't know much about this one myself but it has to be worth a look.
Old iMacsBy Ben Poole on 09/04/2004 at 12:43 PM EDT
My original iMac, recently replaced with a G4 one, is older and slower than the
one you just got (mine is a 233MHz G3... yours should be 266MHz at the very
least, and very possibly faster than that).

I was happily running OS X, iTunes, Notes 6.5.2, Safari, Mail, NetNewsWire
Lite, SubEthaEdit and iChat on it all at the same time, so no reason why the
machine won't be a good bet for your daughter.

The big thing for me when I upgraded to OS X was to upgrade the RAM (it now has
256MB in it -- the more you add the better, as with all systems), and next
would have been the hard drive (it only has 4GB).

An eminently usable machine, though not too fast. The kids are going to have
this one now.

If you want to install OS X on the machine, you can use the CDs that came with
your eMac, no problem. If you want to be a legit licensee, why not pick up a
copy of Panther on eBay?

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