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Engine 1 - Soon to be retired and replaced with a newer model

By Andrew Pollack on 09/23/2005 at 01:18 AM EDT

I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but one of the exciting changes due in the spring of next year is the arrival of a replacement for our venerable Engine 1. The current truck is a 1984 Ford chassis customized for fire service by FMC. It still runs pretty well, though it was under powered from the start; but the frame just isn't going to last forever. Hauling a thousand gallons of water over bumps and around curves for twenty years takes a toll -- especially when those runs tend to be at "best safe speed". The pump is still in great shape, but the rest of the truck is really starting to show its age.

The new truck will have Class A and Class B foam always at the ready, a more powerful engine, airbags and seatbelts for all the crew, and a warm enclosed cab for a crew of six. I'll miss the old one, but not so much that I'm not really looking forward to being part of the planning and work of bringing the next generation into service.

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We have two engines for sale...By Alex Wilson on 09/23/2005 at 08:44 AM EDT
We are looking to consolidate some of our engines into single vehicles since
they rarely go out together. We currently have three engines, two tankers,
tower truck and a brush truck. If you are interested, 54-3 and 54-4 are the
ones for sale. Details about them are:

1998 Seagrave
1500 GPM pump
750 gal tank (might be 1000, can't recall)
Foam equipped
Outfitted for Amkus rescue tools
6 man cab

1990 White AutoCar Engine
1750 GPM pump
750 gal tank
1/2 mile of supply line
Three 6" intake/suction connections
5 man crew

They would look nice in your station... :)

The plan is to replace them with a single engine with off road capability,
plenty of pump capacity. The only time 54-4 goes out is for brush fires (to
supply the brush truck) and for structure fires to supply the tankers.
Thanks, but no. Our plans are a bit more specificBy Andrew Pollack on 09/23/2005 at 09:09 AM EDT
We have three stations. The one on the island (aka the fire museum) has never
had a new truck -- they're getting a new Class A pumper, though not quite as
fancy, at the same time.

In our West Station, we have a class A pumper and a class a pumper tanker,
along with a forestry unit, rehab unit, and our old 36 ford (which is of course
not in service).

In Central Station, we have our old Engine 1 -- and three other units all of
which are Ferrara enclosed cab units.

All three of the Ferrara are essentially the same to operate, and range in age
from 7 years to 2 years. These include a class A pumper with a six man cab
(which is nearly identical to what will replace Engine 1) an 8 man cab 75'
quint (ladder / pumper), and an 8 man cab heavy rescue that's about as decked
out as any truck can be. The plan for Engine 1 is to be nearly the same as
Engine 3 -- just a bit updated.

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