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Intuit (Quickbooks) wasted 2 hours of my day today, by screwing up my software just to advertise to me!

By Andrew Pollack on 05/02/2005 at 11:23 AM EDT

I hate these people. My poor accounting skills have left me little choice by to use their software or become hopeless tangled in my own finances. That said, I've never seen a product cause me to have to spend so much of my time looking at advertisements for add-on services and products.

Over time, QB has become more and more dependant on I.E. for its rendering and interface. Formerly good screens are now cheaply rendered with stupid click-on diagrams and flow charts. Today, I launched QuickBooks and couldn't click on anything. No matter what I clicked on or typed, "BOINK" mouse error sound. I couldn't move the window, see anything behind it, find anything in the task list, or anything else. I spent an hour looking for spyware, broken software updates, and everything else you could think of. Nothing. Booted in safe mode. Nothing. FINALLY, I found the QuickBooks ini file on the drive, and removed all my company information from it (after making a backup). Then I launched quickbooks and it worked. I just opened my business file from the drive and low and behold! A pop-up I.E. generated ADVERTISING SCREEN in a FULLY MODAL window (which means one that requires focus and won't let you work on the program that launched it until you deal with the window) in which they're trying to get my to buy and upgrade.

So, Intuit feels that by wasting a full two hours of my time, then showing me a letter by Allison Mnookin, VP (it doesn't say of what, so I'll assume she's VP of annoying her customers) that I'll now spend a hundred bucks on her software!

I have news for you, Allison -- NO WAY. In fact, sitting to my left is a new copy of Microsoft Money Small Business 2005. I hate that one too -- and had tried it and put it aside already. I guess you've tipped the balance. Now I hate yours more.

WFT! If I pay you for your software, then you need to STOP ADVERTISING TO ME INSIDE IT!!!

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My own thoughts on this are...By Stephan H. Wissel on 05/03/2005 at 05:28 AM EDT
Using QB too, but I put it on the list of endangered species. Did u have a look
at compiere? You can find it on sourceforge and they claim, it would fit a
1-1000 man operation.
Could be an exit strategy?
;-) stw
Thank youBy Carolyn Kraut on 05/03/2005 at 05:44 AM EDT
As soon as I have a free minute I will download and look at Compiere. In
addition to Andrew's complaints I have always found QuickBooks to be totally
unintuitive - shameful from a company named Intuit.
QB has driven me nuts too...By Alex Wilson on 05/03/2005 at 12:33 PM EDT
I have used the product since the mid 90's for small corporate businesses. I
have always had to keep a cheat sheet of instructions on how to properly enter
things like loans from shareholders, etc or else I can't remember how to enter
them... I am not stupid, this thing is just not intuitive.

What should be a simple single entry becomes complex multiple entries. Good
luck cleaning up if you make a mistake or need to change part of it later.

This past year I started using QB for a non-profit community action group. I
would have preferred to just use a paper system but I needed financial reports
for legal reasons. Out came the cheat sheets to be updated for this mess.

After dicking around with it for almost a year now for the non-profit, I think
I can write the reports by hand. Much easier then entering the data two or
three times.

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