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My poor, troubled, laptop was once again put through hell -- this time by a software 'upgrade'

By Andrew Pollack on 10/12/2005 at 08:19 AM EDT

One after another my favorite software vendors fall by the wayside as buy-outs and market pressure to feature enhance products result in bloat-ware, quality problems, extortionate licensing, and in the end my utter disgust and frustration.

Merrily working away one night (O.K., "merrily" isn't really a word to describe how I work, but stick with the story) when I got prompted by this important software to upgrade for "increased stability and security". I (fool that I am) clicked to follow the instructions and upgrade. That was the last time my laptop worked properly for three days. The upgrade completely hosed several aspects of my laptop's networking and at a deeper and more troubling level the "Workstation Management Interface" (WMI) layer of the PC. This is not a place to go messing, folks.

Repairing the damage was more difficult than any spyware removing I have ever done. Ultimately, I had to boot from the installation CD and copy backup registry hive files into the configuration area and also find and remove any DLL or EXE files that even looked remotely related to the application from several locations including a few in the ..\windows\.. directory tree. Once that was done, I still had work to do. I had to remove, reboot, then re-install the networking components of windows and the drivers for each of my networking cards. Still I had problems. I had to insert the XP-Pro w/ SP2 CDROM and run the protected file repair tool (SPF /SCANNOW) which takes more than an hour but repairs or replaces any missing or damaged protected windows files. Still I had problems. The system would be unresponsive then responsive then unresponsive in fits and starts. A look at the system event log showed repeated DCOM failures initializing a component (named only through a 32 bit hexadecimal identifier). Finally, I found that same identifier in an obscure configuration setting and disabled it starting. The system now seems to work and no errors are generated -- but I don't really know for sure what's not running. I suppose I'll find out at Lotusphere when I'm on stage presenting.

I'm going to withhold the name of the vendor in this case because although they're not a customer of mine, I'm involved in a bid for work with one of their competitors and it would be difficult for me to rail against one without the other (who's product I also used to like and now will not allow near my PC).

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My own thoughts on this are...By Ben Langhinrichs on 10/12/2005 at 11:05 AM CDT
Ouch! That sounds horrible (and I would have wound up buying a new laptop, I'm
Mee too, Andrew ....By Jens on 10/17/2005 at 12:20 PM CDT
... but not with an upgrade, but something obscure happened, I have no idea,
why. I went out of the office to have lunch, and came back to see a bluescreen.
Well, you know, that happens with windows. But what was troubling me: the
reason for the bluescreen was something about disk access.

Well, after rebooting, no more windows XP pro starting. I booted into the
installed linux and found out: no more access to the C-Partition. The
D-Partion, where the Apps are installed, and the D-Partition, where my data
resides have been ok --- uff --- so go on and first of all backup the D- and
E-Partition with TrueImage, in case ---

I have not found out, what happened. At least, it does not look like a
hardware/harddisk failure, but you never know. I am just working on
reinstalling all my apps, toosl, utilities and so on.

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