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If you make a bad blog post and don't like the result, what's the best way to deal with it?

By Andrew Pollack on 10/17/2008 at 11:22 AM EDT

First of all, those of you who know what inspired me to write this, please keep it to yourselves. I do not mean this entry to be a dig at anyone or to re-open an argument.

There is a valid topic for discussion here though. Here's my take:

1. It is perfectly valid, as a blogger, to remove an entire entry -- the original post as well as all the comments. Its your blog, and if you've made a mistake by posting a topic or responding to comments in a way that doesn't look like what you want on your blog, it is your right to pull it. Most of us would feel compelled to put something in its place as marker, but I don't think that's needed (though it would help with search engine caching to make sure it gets overwritten). This is an honorable approach.

2. The worst thing to do is edit someone else's posts, and almost as bad would be editing your own so that the responses are no longer responding to the same thing. The only time I'll edit someone's post is to remove something inappropriate for the venue if I happen to see it, and in that case I leave an editor's note. I did this recently when I got a comment that looked to me like a child leaving a note with a phone number in it.

3. The temptation is to continue to argue a losing side. After a point when you know it no longer will look the way you want it serves no purpose, so no, that's not a good way to handle it.

4. In an ideal world, we'd post a final comment saying we were wrong and maybe even attach an editors note to that effect on the primary document. The thing is, by the time you get to that point there can be a lot of stink laying around in comments. Sometimes this is a good solution, sometimes not. Its honorable, to be sure. It just isn't always enough of a solution.

Agree? Disagree?

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re: If you make a bad blog post and don't like the result, what's the best way to deal with it?By Keith Brooks on 10/17/2008 at 12:08 PM EDT
No idea what prompted the post. But I pull on average 1 entry a year. Try to
leave a filler is the simplest way. Of course if you really went overboard on
someone, ring them up.
re: If you make a bad blog post and don't like the result, what's the best way to deal with it?By Jason Hook on 10/17/2008 at 08:51 PM EDT
I'd go with option number one, leaving behind the stub of a document. I'm
editor in chief so if there were poison I'd cut it out and move on.
re: If you make a bad blog post and don't like the result, what's the best way to deal with it?By Victor Toal on 10/17/2008 at 10:04 PM EDT
I think it is OK to pull, but I would probably leave something behind, a stub
of some kind or at least a short note mentioning that I pulled something ...
did not have to yet though myself ... so I am blowing hot air without ever
having had to do it myself ... might have to retract this entry for lack of
knowledge ...
re: If you make a bad blog post and don't like the result, what's the best way to deal with it?By David Vasta on 10/18/2008 at 10:26 AM EDT
I know why I pulled it.

1. It was not a bad blog post. That is your opinion. I thought it was a blog
post. So if I thought it to be a bad blog post I would not have posted it.

2. You Andrew showed up to my blog, then acted like I needed your negative
comments about my post.

3. You might think it's ok to say, You sure have nice hair, but your ugly, like
you did about Captain John McCain USN (RET), but it's just classless. You don't
tell everyone that you think he was brave and such and then say how he might
have been a bad pilot and was a shill robot in the Navy. You showed disrespect
to the military service of the people of this country then decided to rip the
flag you just wrapped me in off.

4. You always miss the point of the Obama posts on my site and yet when I rip
on McCain you never seem to show up? So while I am looking at both sides you
are a one trick pony who is in love with the most LEFT Democrat ever to be put
in office since Herbert Hover. Again I don't like either candidate so your
argument for Obama and against McCain is lost on me.

5. I have never released anything you have posted on my blog. I took the post
down becasue it was distracting me when from other things and I felt like you
were being rude, and disrespectful and instead of contenueing to argue with
you, I chose to take the high road and just remove the post. It was not a
matter of winning or losing. It was a matter of you and I never ever ever going
to see eye to eye and then you decided that you are some kind of super star and
wanted to pick my career apart.

6. Careers - Not to long ago I mentioned that Obama wanted to tax as=t a higher
rate, and you said something to the effect that we all in the Lotus Community
don't make that much money. Well I left it alone, and you wanted to tear apart
my resume and my career thinking I somehow inferior to you and your career. I
do make enough money that I need to worry about Obama raising taxes on me.
Sadly I think if he gets his way you will too.

7. For the record, I have moved around from company to company because they
have either tanked, or cut back. It's great you have built a business on Lotus
and I respect that. However I don't understand as a small business owner you
can like either candidate?

8. I think your a smug, condescending person and frankly if you talk how you
post I don't know how anyone can stand to be around you. You constantly talk
down to people like your on top of the turd pile. I have read your site and
known about you for some time. Your post are all a little "Holier than Thou" if
you asked me.

9. I am going to post this here and ask that you keep your word and not come
back to my site and post, and not read my site. I used to run a small business
and there are days you have to ask certain people to leave your store, because
in then end servicing that person will cost you more than you can afford.
Frankly if your as smart as you have claimed, which is subjective as well, you
should want to keep your water out of my deep fat fryer. They don't mix and
someone is going to get burned.

10. Thanks for trying to make this all about you.

NOTE: These are rhetorical. I will not respond to them negative or positive,
but anyone who is reading PLANETLOTUS knows what this is about, my post got
well over 80 hits a day for two days so it's not like it was not well read.
re: If you make a bad blog post and don't like the result, what's the best way to deal with it?By Andrew Pollack on 10/18/2008 at 11:14 AM EDT
1. As I said in my post " your diatribe and removal made me think of the
topic, but my comments pertain to more than just yourself. I think most people
got that. I'm sorry you did not. In fact judging by the comments, most
people assumed I meant it was one of mine. Having opened the door however, and
telling all 6 of my loyal blog readers what got me thinking on the topic, I
suspect you've done yourself more harm than good. You've put me in the
position I mentioned above -- to respond, to pull the post, or to edit. I'm
going to respond -- because its fun.

2. Actually, I disagreed with you using the venue provided, and did so without
name calling or disparaging your person.

If you're unclear about what was actually said, fear not, I believe I have a
copy of it pulled from the browser cache.

3. I continue to say -- more than once on your own site -- that his service is
not in question, but that its relevance to leading the country is absolutely in
question. I further said that his actions in the military had nothing to do
with large strategic decisions. He was sent on missions.

4. Do I miss the point of your Obama posts? Do you use the name "Barry"
rather than "Barak" as a compliment? Even the titles of the posts are
disrespectful and inflammatory. In past posts, you've insinuated that he hangs
around with terrorists, that he doesn't like Jewish people, and several other
things which have no basis in reality.

In specific, I refer to these titles:


As far as responding to anti-McCain posts you've written, I am unable to find
any. I did find one titled "McCain’s Wife is going Topless - Movie & Pictures"
-- however that isn't actually what it is about. Its a pro McCain piece about
his attending a biker rally in New Hampshire.

5. I assume you mean "redacted" or "erased" rather than "released". I make
typos too, so I'll write that off to the limited editing tools here. In fact,
even if you insist on applying my comment to your post, you would see that I
called your choice an honorable one. I'm not sure I understand the issue you
have with that.

6. I don't recall ever making such a statement about the Lotus community (not
making much money). You did however, chose to respond to me indicating that it
was amazing I could have any customers. In effect, you made a personal attack
on me and on my customers.

If you're going to do that, you'd best make sure you're doing so from an
unassailable position. You're not.

My response was to point out that in 18 years your average time at an employer
is less than 3 years, and that in that time you have never actually had to run
your own business or sell your own skills directly to customers.

7. As a small business owner, I recognize that the best thing for my business
is a strong overall economy. I believe that there are three major things
holding back our economy right now. #1 is our system of paying for health
care. It locks people into jobs they'd like to leave, it prevents people from
starting businesses, and it discourages businesses from hiring new full time
employees -- preferring instead to hire more part time employees to avoid
paying health care benefits. In this, I believe that Obama's approach is the
better. #2 is our dependence on crude oil imports, and this is something I
agree with McCain on. The only realistic and feasible solution for the
immediate future (10-20 years) is to build a whole lot of nuclear plants. I
also agree with McCain's recent description of their safety. We have been
driving around in ships powered by them for decades and have amassed many
skilled men and women to design and manage them. #3 is our deregulation of the
markets, which have allowed the focus of our capitol generation systems to
change from funding ideas and products, to funding schemes that amount to
little more than gambling on paper with no meaning behind it. On this issue,
I believe McCain's deregulatory bent is the wrong path to take at this time.

8. Actually, when it comes to your assessment of my personality or writing
style, I didn't actually ask. You've opted, however, to bring it up and offer
your negative opinion each time you've failed to make a convincing argument on
the topic at hand. It is unwelcome, it is probably libelous, and it is
definitely distasteful.

9. I shall force myself to suffer through the loss of value that comes with
not reading your site. I'm not sure how I'll make it through the day, but I'm
sure with some help from friends I'll recover. I'll stay away, and I won't
pick apart your poorly formed arguments -- so long as you avoid comments about
me or those I care about. As to making threats -- nobody is impressed.
Frankly, you're just not that scary.

10. It is, in fact, all about me. Why else would I bother blogging? Surely
you don't claim an altruistic purpose in writing what you do. Blogging is
about saying what you want to say. Choosing to allow comments is about
engaging in conversation -- including accepting reasonable criticism and

NOTE: As to your 80 hits a day for two days, please try again. The unique
hits, in total, are 89 over three days -- and many of those are after you took
it down, resulting in nothing but an error screen. In any case, having a
discussion about how many hits you get on a blog site is pretty silly. If
that's your goal, it is fairly easy to generate a few hundred a day. Getting
into a debate about blog hits is as stupid as comparing the length of your
..keyboard cable. I'm sure all 6 of my loyal readers will agree. -- Speaking
of which, "Hi Mom!"
re: If you make a bad blog post and don't like the result, what's the best way to deal with it?By David Vasta on 10/18/2008 at 09:31 PM EDT
The first few points are blah blah blah. If I had not taken down the post you
would have had nothing to blog about. You can say it's for other
reasons....OK.....whatever. but I think we both know this may not be pointed at
me, but without our conversation this week, where you were being you and I was
just trying to be funny and a bit lop-sided you would have have had this to
post about.

4. Mr. Obama used the name Barry while in College and while working in the
East, and in Chicago. I am only using the name he "needed" to use to be more
normal and to fit in (I think he actually points that out in one of his
books?). Next unless you can find it, I never said he doesn't like Jewish
people. I have pretty decent ties to the Jewish community and would have not
said that. I think you are mistaken. I do however find his views of IRAN and
Palestine odd and of some concern.

Again I don't like either candidate so I can call them anything I like. It's a
political season and you need to relax a bit. Both canidates are crap.

You seem to think by me calling Mr. Obama stupid I am referring to you. in fact
I am not. But I do urge you to "READ MORE" in that there are some books out
there I refer too all the time while I think about Obama, Washington, the US
and Government, and Obama's plan for the US....1980 and Atlas Shrugged to name
a few. I can see my humor is lost on you and most Obama supporters and most of
you can't see the humor in politics either.

Oh and for the record I did go see the W movie and liked it. So if that does
not confuse you nothing does.....

"McCainu2019s Wife is going Topless - Movie & Pictures" - Don't you find it
funny, even a little bit or are you that serious and have the sense of humor or

6. So as far as my work goes and your work. I was only pointing out that if I
were you with many many customers, I would have not touched anything political.
You see I don't like my Hollywood celebrities telling me about how the poor are
doing or how I should vote, nor would I want my Lotus consultant to be telling
me how is political views lean? I want you to be a Lotus consultant and not a
political know it all who does not share the same views as your customer. Maybe
you have gone and found only democrat customers, but I can tell you in the past
I have dropped consultants and not signed P.O.'s based on the ones political
views or conversations with me about politics or hatred for the Military. While
I am sure you can point out that I am a bad person for doing it, it's was my
own personal decision and I would have prefer the person or company kept their
mouths shut and just done the work I needed to get done. The other question you
have to ask yourself is, have you driven away customers or gained them because
of your political views in the past or in the future? While I am sure you will
have a positive spin to that question I don't think there is any way to measure

As for my career, I will correct you, I was in the Navy for 4 years. So that
throws out that theory and you are right I have jumped around, but then again I
guess you could say the same. While mine has been W2 yours have been W9.

ABC Home Health - Left there to join the Navy
Navy - 4 Year Honorable Discharge - Severed on three ships, left as E4. 3.5
Years of Sea time, and one 6 month WESTPAC to the GULF in 96. Made the cover of
IBM - They closed down Atlanta to move support to Rochester. Didn't want to
live in MN. Too Cold & No Pay.
Jack Henry - Left there on my own accord. Did not like the environment.
REAL Solutions - The went out of business and we all were let go at the same
SEAGULL - Left there for a contract at CINGULAR - They did have money trouble
and such.
CINGULAR - Contract
VISTAR - Got tired of driving 3.5 hours a day to and from work. Nice place. Was
there almost 3 years.
Sunrise Medical - Did not like working there either. Would advise against it.
Atlas Copco - Greatest place to work and I will be there for a long long time.

Just trying to explain what happened, not that it matters, You will have
something to say negative I am sure.


7. As for running my own business....I don't think you have any idea about that
unless you have been in my taxes and been reading them, and in that case you
would have committed breaking and entering. Not sure how you can make that
statement? I do admire you for running yours however, it can't be easy and I
still don't think either candidate is going to end up helping you in the long
run. We don't need more taxes.

You know most of #7 I agree with you about. The health care thing scares me
because I have done to much reading about them and all you need to look at is
Canada and the UK to see it's a total failure. Hawaii had the plan Obama is
offering and they just stopped it. It was a failure. But with each failure is a
way to do it better. I just don't like the idea of the government doing
anything for me if they don't have too....David can take care of David. Animal
Farm anyone? Atlas Shrugged anyone?

8. Am I the only one here with a negative opinion? I think not! Maybe my
argument was not for you, but maybe to others. I mostly see you like a
hemorrhoid. Nothing could make the pain better unless I got surgery. There is
no way to ask a hemorrhoid to stop hurting....It's simple Andrew, we are never
going to see eye to eye on political items. We could however agree to many
things in the Lotus world. I think it best they we don't do political things on
our blogs, it's done nothing but create problems this year and will in the
future. If you face facts, the US is going to the crapper and you and I are in
charge then life will be better. Sadly I think most will figure that out the
day after it's too late.

9. Did I threaten you. I don't recall threatening you? I apologize if I did and
trust me I feel the same about you....if you are referring to the comment I
made, "keep your water out of my deep fat fryer." then you misunderstood the
comment. Maybe you can heat up some oil to about 400F and toss in a little
water and see what happens. OK that was mean. Sorry. You still don't se my
humor. I really am funny most days.

See I am in the south, and we like to fry things, hence the comment about the
"DEEP FAT FRYER", and I am comparing myself to the fryer in that me and my
comments are of course HOT. You are like water from the sink, when you hit my
fryer the reaction is of course bad. That is all I was doing. Oh I love
explaining science.

Still not picking up on my humor? Funny I think other people are, it's sad
really, I am pretty funny.

10. That was a mouth full. You at no point have ever engaged anyone in a
conversation. Don't fool yourself. In order to have a conversation you must
consider both sides of the argument or topic and at no time have you ever done

On your NOTE: How on earth would you have access or the ability to see my hits?
or my page views? If you base them off the Planet Lotus site then yes you are
correct, but I was basing them off the two services I have running on that
server that give me the numbers, not Planet Lotus. Again you make claims you
have no way to get the details of? I am at a lose and I grow tired of typing.

My closing thoughts, if I may. I would urge the Lotus Bloggers to stay away
from political crap. This presidential year has been hard on al Americans and
while America is having some issues the foundation is still there "WE THE
PEOPLE", so blog about our favorite topic, LOTUS, and forget all the poltical
undrcurrents becasue as you can see, this is just as much fun as trying to pull
your eyeballs out with a toothpick.

Andrew if I could, I would like to start over with you and forget all the nasty
things you said to me, and only stick to talking about Lotus, our fun the world
and out pets. If you could find it in your heart to put this all behind us, I
am willing to be the better man and offer you a virtual olive branch, I don't
want to argue about your work ethic or mine. I of course have very little of
that as you have pointed out. I would like to start over and if you do present
at Lotusphere this year, and I am there I will offer you a cold something and a
verbal apology in the session of your choosing. Let the things that we have in
common be the communications we share from here on out.

I don't have a dog in the political fight this year so here I am, ready to play
nice and not post anything political unless it's just plain funny. Like SNL

David.. I'm not sure how to even respond.By Andrew Pollack on 10/18/2008 at 09:49 PM EDT
I'm going to take your last couple of sentences at face value, and say sure: if
you'll stop slinging mud, you're welcome to participate here.

What you're not welcome to do here at all, or on your own blog if it pertains
to me, is write comments that disparage someone personally. That's just out of
bounds. K?
re: David.. I'm not sure how to even respond.By David Vasta on 10/18/2008 at 10:44 PM EDT
I called the only number I have for you. I think somethings are better left to
verbal communications. This posting is silly at this point.
re: If you make a bad blog post and don't like the result, what's the best way to deal with it?By Alan Bell on 10/20/2008 at 05:07 AM EDT
I for one thought you were talking about one of your own blog posts! What
surprised and intrigued me was not that you had said something that others
disagreed with but that the concept that you would later not like the results
to the point you wanted to bury it. For what it is worth I think option 4 is
the best.
re: If you make a bad blog post and don't like the result, what's the best way to deal with it?By Gab Davis on 10/18/2008 at 01:44 PM EDT
The issue of nuclear fuel is a big concern to me. I take your point that
nuclear submarines have been in place for decades, the difference is that
military spend means unlimited money on designing them and managing them and
maintaining them. In the commercial world, nuclear fuel plants are all about
squeezing as much money as possible out of their customers and spending as
little as possible on maintenance whilst staying within legally required safety

As we've seen in other industries, sometimes you need government oversight to
protect the venal and short sighted side of human nature from itself.

Of course I could be wrong and those that run and want to run nuclear fuel
plants could be paragons of responsibility and morality - but i'm going with
'robber baron' :-)

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