Our Flexible Tools Are Easily Modified

Customized NCT Search

"It's not how you feel, its how you look; and you look marvelous!"
      -- Billy Crystal
Portion of the College Bowl site using NCT Search
Domino Developer Net using NCT Search
Open NTF using NCT Search
U.S. Dept. of Commerce using NCT Search
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Our tools are designed to be flexible enough that you can make them fit seamlessly into your project. Documented code, manuals, and of course our top notch support are all available to help.

The images to the right are all customized versions of our NCT Search product, done by the customer who purchased the product or the partner implementing their site. Wherever possible, we fully document the object model for all the products we build so that you can make your own best use of these tools.

If you need more extensive customization, we're always available to do it.