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NCT Search - Searching multiple Domino databases

IBM has asked Northern Collaborative Technologies not to make the Lotus Notes knowledge base available to web users any longer. As the data belongs to them, and they are legally allowed to make this decision, we must comply. We are allowed to search the KB on our server, and we CAN redirect you for any results to the contents on IBM's site. I know this isn't quite what you wanted, but here are your options:

Search using NCT Search:
Use our demo NCT Search engine to search the KB and get redirected to the technote at IBM's website. Click here to try this solution.

Look for this document at IBM:
You can try searching at IBM (good luck) at this address:

If you find any of this useful, or would like to share your opinion of IBM's decision, drop me a quick email.

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  Features & Benefits
  Features & Benefits
  Features & Benefits
  • Selectively search one, more than one, or all the databases on your Domino server
  • Exclude keyword and configuration documents from your search results
  • Control the look and feel of full text search queries and results
  • Rank search results from some databases higher than others
  • Control or alter the full text search query, or the results returned to the user 

  • Pass users to your Domino site without a login prompt
  • Automatically log-in returning users
  • Use another database for usr names and passwords
  • Supports Siebel, PeopleSoft, Oracle, Perl, Java, Python, and almost anything else
  • Find, gather, index, and print all the documents in all the databases on your server containing key words or phrases
  • Include the complete threads from any discussion with just a single mention of your key word or phrase
  • Produce complete logs of the compliance search, detailing which databases were searched and the number of results