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Advisor Conference at the end of August looks like a mini-Lotusphere!

By Andrew Pollack on 08/20/2006 at 10:32 AM EDT

Advisor's conference in Arizona is looking like a MUST SEE. The speaker's like is like a Lotusphere All Stars team with very deep IBM participation on top of my favorite 3rd party types.

Advisor's fall conference in Scottsdale, Arizona is almost here. I hear there is still some room open for this and it's going to be a great conference. As a speaker, the thing I like most about the Advisor conferences is the one on one nature of a smaller venue. I get to talk in great depth to people about the issue they're having and with my good friends who are also speakers, we're able to work out action plans that are really solid for people to take back with them.

This fall venue for Advisor has the added benefit of including a lot more information about new products which will be released to the world in the Lotusphere time frame. This is the show where you get the most solid lead-in to what will be the hot topics in Orlando this winter. Mike Rhodin will be speaking, and for the first time at an Advisor event IBM will have a really solid contingent of core product people there including some of the guys writing the code for Hannover.

Check out the speaker's list and their sessions! Here's some key names that are always on the list of key people you don't want to miss at Lotusphere:

  • Bob Balaban
  • Rocky Oliver
  • Kevin Cavanaugh
  • Gabriella Davis
  • Jeff Eisen
  • Scott Good
  • Mac Guidera
  • Carl "Pooter" Kraenzel
  • Viktor Krantz
  • Rob Novak
  • Maureen Leland
  • Jamie Magee
  • David Marshak
  • Mary Beth Raven
  • Chris Reckling
  • Mike Rhodin
  • And of course, ME!

If you've got a few days from August 27th to 31st, I strongly recommend this conference. I know many of the speakers and the value will definitely be there. Airfare to Arizona in the summer time is fairly low, the conference hotel is completely stunning, and the value will be easier to justify for some of you who have a hard time getting to the expensive Lotusphere conference.

Here are some links:

Conference Home Page
Session List
Hotel Description

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