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Notes 8 -- aka Hannover -- Install options. This is a GOOD thing.

By Andrew Pollack on 11/07/2006 at 08:46 PM EST

Over on Volker’s site, the discussion of Notes 8 installed as a standalone client versus the full installation with the Eclipse package and its features is leading to the same old trap of suspicion and critique before the product has even launched.
Is it any wonder that these decisions are kept so quiet for so long? I like Volker and generally respect his opinion so please don’t assume I’m slamming him here. In this case though, I think pointing criticism at something that doesn’t exist yet and isn’t delivered based on decisions that have yet to show their impact is a bit harsh.

Notes 8 (Hannover) will be installed in a few different ways. Chief among them are the choice to install the client as a standalone software package like an upgraded version 7, or to install the full kit with the Eclipse based tools as well. Obviously that’s going to require a lot more memory and drive space.

So, should IBM only ship it with the features they really want you to buy into – the full Eclipse based framework and tools – and simply assume you’ll make sure your hardware is ready? That is what you’d expect from them and most other software vendors. After all, they are confident (at least they say they are) that it will be worthwhile. Their whole strategy right now is built on the growth of this technology over time.

The fact that you have a choice of installs (at least according to current reports) is not a bad thing, it is a GOOD thing. If it turns out the full kit offers the value to justify the space and memory needed, then bravo we’ll all adopt it. If it turns out to be a bust – and I do not expect it to, personally – then we still have the Notes client with its improvements and we can move on with our lives.

It takes some guts to allow your customers to NOT go where you want them to, but instead show them the road and why it’s better. You don’t see other vendors doing that.

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re: Notes 8 -- aka Hannover -- Install options. This is a GOOD thing.By Roberto Boccador on 11/08/2006 at 10:56 AM EST

thanks. Yours is the first post I see that made me think "Hey! he gets it", so
after all we did not do a bad job with communicating about Notes 8.
Your confidence is appreciated, however I should point out...By Andrew Pollack on 11/08/2006 at 11:01 AM EST
....that I've had a whole lot more communication on this topic than 99% or more
of the users of the product from having spoken to so many IBM people at
conferences and meetings in Westford.

The message absolutely needs to be communicated more fully and more often --
but it's the right idea and there are plenty of good things to say.
re: Your confidence is appreciated, however I should point out...By Roberto Boccador on 11/08/2006 at 11:40 AM EST
Guess that now we are approaching a widespread beta phase, we will communicate
more and hopefully give a clear picture. I expect the avalanche to start at
Lotusphere where lots of people will learn about Notes 8.

re: Your confidence is appreciated, however I should point out...By Bruce Elgort on 11/08/2006 at 06:27 PM EST
So Andrew how you can communicate it like this and Lotus can't? Where do you
think the problem lies?
Two good reasons....By Andrew Pollack on 11/08/2006 at 06:32 PM EST
..First, I am a paid communicator. As a consultant my full time job is taking
a complex message and making it clear to readers or listeners. IBM has those
people but their focus is on other things until the project moves into a more
marketing driven phase.

Second, what I say doesn't count for shit. Since my comments aren't binding to
IBM, I don't have to be as careful to satisfy all the right constituencies with
my off the cuff remarks.
re: Two good reasons....By Ed Brill on 11/08/2006 at 07:32 PM EST
Yes - it's the binding nature of my comments that governs what I write. For
better or for worse, I know that what I say will be repeated for years to

Look at how my mention of the embedeed browser for rendering e-mail freaked out
a bunch of people. Whether it is "" or not, what I say is assumed
to be IBM speaking.
re: Two good reasons....By Roberto Boccador on 11/09/2006 at 07:33 AM EST
You hit the point. I pretend I am one of "those people", and I do my best to
try to send a clear message, but since I do not talk much now about Notes8, my
main focus is on other stuff now; being close to year end you can imagine what
Nevertheless I have to say I am surprised by all the responses to Ed's post. I
thought it was not that hard to get the nature of Notes8, I definitely need to
rethink about that and prepare for the future talks.

The (good for me) difference with Ed is that people will not remember for years
what I say :-)

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