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More annoying McCain campaign speeches. What a shame he's abandoned so many principles.

By Andrew Pollack on 10/20/2008 at 06:32 PM EDT

Here's a test: Watch any McCain speech from the last few weeks, and count how much time is spent talking about McCain's plans, McCain's ideas, and McCain's beliefs while also counting how much time is spent talking about Obama.

I'm starting to forget why I ever liked this guy. He seems to have pretty much abandoned any attempt to manage his campaign toward a discussion of ideas at this point. I'm seeing his stump speeches devolve into little more than name calling and character bashing. The thing is, he's not even very good at it. He stands up there like a cardboard cutout and tries to toss out these prepared "zingers" that someone is clearly feeding him. That not what he's good at. He's not a prepared zinger kind of guy. That takes real acting and comedic timing.

When McCain used to speak, he did it off the cuff and with real intelligence and zeal. He spoke about things he knew and cared about and pretty much ignored everything else. He used to be respectful of his opponents, sharp witted, and knowledgeable. Now he's become something of a cliche. What a terrible shame for a man with such a long record of service to devolve so terribly in what is probably his final campaign.

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re: More annoying McCain campaign speeches. What a shame he's abandoned so many principles.By Jim Casale on 10/20/2008 at 08:02 PM EDT
There has been discussion recently about bloggers writing about topics other
than technology. After reading your latest blog I say bloggers -should- write
about other topics, including politics. Whether you agree with the blogger or
not, it's always refreshing to read well written blogs such as yours. It also
doesn't hurt that I agree with many of your views :-)
well, what I can I say....By Andrew Pollack on 10/20/2008 at 09:24 PM EDT
Other than "Thank you" ?

Its certainly true that this isn't a blog for everyone. Usually, people who
don't fit in realize it pretty quickly and simply don't read it.
re: well, what I can I say....By Jim Casale on 10/21/2008 at 05:04 AM EDT
Isn't that the beauty of the way it works? If you don't like it you don't have
to read it.
re: More annoying McCain campaign speeches. What a shame he's abandoned so many principles.By mdmadph on 10/21/2008 at 04:39 PM EDT
I'll tell you -- I supported McCain back in the 2000 Republican primaries. So
many Republicans today forget that the same man who he's hugging in that
picture is the same man who destroyed McCain's campaign in 2000 by accusing him
of practically senile due to his time as a POW. If McCain had the balls to run
as an Independent today, a lot more people would vote for him, regardless of
how much Obama electrifies the populace.

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