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Domino Designer 9 - Crashtasic feature in the Eclipse based LS editor

By Andrew Pollack on 08/09/2013 at 05:21 PM EDT

Here's how to have some REAL fun screwing up everything with the new(ish) eclipse based ls editor in the Notes 9 client (probably earlier as well).

A hold over from the origins of the languages, is that it's legal to use the ":" colon to put more than one line of code in without a newline. For example...

case 23 : myString = "This new thing"
case 24 : myString = "This other thing"

Do that in the new eclipse client and it compiles and seems to run. STRANGE things happen though. Crashtastic things somethings. If you step through in debugger, you'll see your code taking branches that don't exist, evaluating expressions wrong, and generally getting very very ugly.

Now, without a lot of testing I can't tell you if this ONLY happens if you don't leave a space (which is still perfectly valid, in theory)

case 23 : myString = "This new thing"
case 24: myString = "This other thing"
case 25 : myString = "This other thing"

Or of there's more (or less) happening.

What I do know, is that there are HOURS of work I'll never get back.

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re: Domino Designer 9 - Crashtasic feature in the Eclipse based LS editorBy Ulrich Krause on 08/10/2013 at 01:03 AM EDT
Hm, interesting. So I better have to review all my select case blocks in a ton
of code then?
re: Domino Designer 9 - Crashtasic feature in the Eclipse based LS editorBy Andrew Pollack on 08/10/2013 at 01:58 AM EDT
On the one hand, it's not just select - it's anywhere you may have used that
colon to put multiple statements on the same line.

On the other hand, if the code is working, I wouldn't worry. You probably did
the work using a version of the code editor / compiler that wasn't bothered by
the syntax, if that syntax was used.

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