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More info on Craig Hayman -- he has quite a loyal fan base

By Andrew Pollack on 01/24/2006 at 10:17 PM EST

I'm just back from the "Meet the Geeks" party (formerly known as the Iris Party) at that Atlantic, and what an earful of great news came from that! I'll sum up without breaking confidentiality by saying a few things in a general sense.

Craig Hayman -- while there is general agreement that his presentation was snappy but way off the mark on Monday, his employees and colleagues vigorously defend him. People I know, respect, and trust tell me that he's very clever and does have the right vision for the product line. I'm very pleased to hear this. It would have been very easy for these people to just let my comments slide and say nothing if they agreed. Rather, the people writing the code (at least the ones I respect most that I got to speak with) actively and vigorously defend him even in the face of a bad outcome in that general session. That's great news, and my respect for him is raised a great deal as a result.

Activity Explorer -- I'm still under an NDA that is being taken more seriously than most. I can share with you that absolutely everything I'm hearing points to this thing being a real winner. If you think of all the things you've said to me that you'd like it to be, they are the same things I'm hearing the developers tell me it is looking like it will become. I wish I could be specific, but pay attention of the next few months as the news slowly escapes.

Sametime Fans -- This is your year, enjoy it.

Well, I'm off to bed -- my presentation is tomorrow at 8:30 and I'm told there may be several hundred people there expecting me not to fall asleep during it.

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