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Thoughts about the Opening General Session at Connect 2013 -- Do you have any?

By Andrew Pollack on 02/01/2013 at 06:17 PM EST

For the first time since 1997, I watched the OGS from my home office. First of all, GREAT JOB to those who put the live stream together. I don't really care if it was done with IBM products or not. Someone picked the right technology this time because the sound and video were clear, crisp, and very minimally delayed. There were only two very brief pauses right near the end. I was working, but had my laptop next to my desk with the video on full screen.

The session flowed well. There were no boring customer panels, but there were some good customers. We weren't bogged down by numbers as in the old days -- there were almost no numbers mentioned. The demos worked smoothly and the session itself left me neither excited nor terribly upset. I was disappointed by the almost complete lack of attention paid to the product that still brings the vast bulk of the attendees, but I wasn't expecting any different. I wish it were otherwise. The other 99.9% of the session showed either Connections, or a bunch of other products and tools that looked really cool and totally outside the realm of anything a small to medium IBM Business Partner or an SME customer will ever get anywhere close to.

I particularly liked the tools for managing a social media marketing campaign. That looked really great. I have no idea what it was, where I could go buy it, or how much gear it takes to deploy. If that's something I can pay a few hundred dollars for and install on a windows desktop, I think we're all set. Otherwise, it looks like a cool idea that won't get much revenue. The HR stuff says the same thing to me. If you really take full advantage of what it can do, it looks great. The people I've spoken to who have submitted resumes to companies using it tell me that it rarely gets the full treatment though, and they didn't have a good experience with it. Again, it doesn't matter to me, since I don't see how to make money with that offering.

Bullet points summary:

  • Loved the band.
  • The session didn't bog down
  • Great story from CAT
  • Almost nothing in the OGS for most of us Partners
  • IBM really wants to do big things for big companies
I didn't see any press stories make my tech news aggregators about the event all week.

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re: Thoughts about the Opening General Session at Connect 2013 -- Do you have any?By Patrick Kwinten on 02/02/2013 at 07:23 AM EST
the thing that scares me most is that IBM has no answer / offering for bringing
our thousands of Notes applications in their social platform.

I also what makes Notes 9 so social?

- Is an embedded experience social? I guess not unless you favorite, like, or
re-publish it into your network

- Is activity stream social? It's just a way of aggregating information streams

What I would call Social in Notes (mail, calendaring) would be that I could
co-edit a reply message with multiple people at the same time. Or if I could
forward mail to people for approval/denial.

Maybe social would be that people just reply to my mail via a 'like'.

For calendaring I would like to see the option that I can subscribe to meetings
in stead of meetings are pushed upon me.

For a non-Connections shop the whole event had limited value to me, so I am
glad I stayed at home this time.
re: Thoughts about the Opening General Session at Connect 2013 -- Do you have any?By Volker Weber on 02/02/2013 at 04:29 PM EST
My press story was not in your aggregator.

You get press, if you have news. IBM did not have much.

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