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My "Live Blog" stream is on Twitter -- I'll do a real blog post summing it up later

By Andrew Pollack on 01/19/2009 at 09:45 AM EST

My LS09 OGS comments can be found here:

The stream so far (from most recent to least)

beanbag chairs are great -- but after an hour I can say that at 41, maybe not a good long term solution + mine will need tougher 'beans' :-) 4 minutes ago from twhirl

reduction of disk, i/o, and cpu use (40-60%) over Exchange servers. Important to sites who deploy on VMs, rather than boxes. #ls09 9 minutes ago from twhirl

slide about reduction of disk, i/o, and cpu use (40-60%) over Exchange servers. Important to sites who deploy on VMs, rather than boxes. 9 minutes ago from twhirl

bm to add open source content to for notes design -- supporting that community. #ls09 10 minutes ago from twhirl

ibm to add open source content to for notes design -- supporting that community. 11 minutes ago from twhirl

#ls09 - quickr design integrating directly into designer. 12 minutes ago from twhirl

#ls09 - live, xpages dev, built an app, put a symphony doc in it, used it from bbstorm. 3 minutes. 12 minutes ago from twhirl

interacting live via bb storm using Alloy via Notes to interact with corporate SAP apps - demo live at #ls09 14 minutes ago from twhirl

Tag Clouds are the "Flaming Logos" of the Web 2.0 world. 16 minutes ago from twhirl

1 hour into the OGS -- roughly half way - and so far they've kept the energy level up (first time ever). So far, best OGS ever. #ls09 17 minutes ago from twhirl

#ls09 Allow (atlantic) is going to sell / cement a very large number of Notes licenses. 19 minutes ago from twhirl

umm... I love Alloy for what it is, but why do I want to connect my SAP data to Linked-In? 23 minutes ago from twhirl

#ls09 -- "ATLANTIC" now "Alloy" as its official name - is going to drive a TON of seats. best SAP integration to ANYTHING. Very good. 24 minutes ago from twhirl

symphony (free open office based MS Office competitor) will support Office 2007 formats. 25 minutes ago from twhirl

@hossmacian #ls09: re BB kicking it up with Notes -- about time. Enterprise tie in is their best way to compete with Apple. 28 minutes ago from twhirl in reply to hossmacian

Notes == 20 Years Old this year, still active development 29 minutes ago from twhirl

#ls09 -- so, all this "resonance" -- are they about to announce Lotus Vibrator? 30 minutes ago from twhirl

LotusLive == Symphony + Sametime + inotes etc. as cloud computing "SAAS" 32 minutes ago from twhirl

bluehouse now lotus live 33 minutes ago from twhirl

bb dev environment plugs into DDE -- finally seeing some of the reasons why the big eclipse framework will make sense for designer 34 minutes ago from twhirl

blackberry (BES server) built onto a foundations server with symphony integration at the bb and desktop as a plug'n play appliance for smb? 36 minutes ago from twhirl

@rakeman LOL. There are several thousand in this room. there's like 20 of us on these yellow bean bag chairs. about 1 hour ago from twhirl in reply to rakeman

sitting in the "bloggers" area up front in beanbag chairs with power strips provided. nice touch. about 1 hour ago from twhirl

live from LS09 opening general. Blue man group opened, dan akroyd spoke, ceo of coke, now netjets. about 1 hour ago from twhirl

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