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I think we've finally crossed the threshold in the attention span of most Americans regarding our policies in Iraq and anti-terror legislation

By Andrew Pollack on 05/03/2007 at 07:55 AM EDT

I'm a serious time waster when it comes to television. In the evenings, after my brain turns to mush, I like to sit down and become a vegetable in front of the boob tube (yes, my TV still has a tube). I've noticed in the course of the last couple of weeks that virtually every show you watch now has an underlying message built into it about our policies in Iraq and our acceptance of such overreaching legislature as the so called "Patriot" act (the one that frees the U.S. Government from having to follow such due process as "Habeas Corupus").

I'm completely convinced that the "messianic vision" of our current President had us dangerously close to a third foreign war --this time with Iran. I'm also finally convinced that the danger is largely passed. You can be certain that by the time mainstream television entertainment shows are going to great lengths writing scripts with foreboding messages in them (often having nothing to do with the story arc that has made the show successful) that the majority of the country is already on board with that concept.

There's always the off-chance that he'll go completely off the rails and do something stupid on his own -- but at least now I'm confident that he'd have a really hard time finding any support at all for it.

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